Reviewer: Marisa Coutts
Jim Inscore's music and performance career has its genesis in this CD. Each personal composition is engaging. Genuine lyrics lace exceptional delivery. All tracks hold together marvellously. Jim's confidence is secure. Time is on his side. I recognise a promising singer-songwriter that I hope to experience live soon.

Reviewer: Alan Monday
When I first heard Jim's work it was a very interesting experience. The rough cut only had two songs, but I found myself playing them quite frequently. I remember thinking at the time, "I've got to hear more of this artist." I felt a connection with my musical roots of the '70s but without the disruptive intrusion of thoughts about who this vocal sounds like or what song that guitar lick reminds me of. Jim's music is unique but familar, somehow.... very comfortable for me. With this CD, the production values are tight and with the band behind him, the sound is very full and pleasing. But, it's the lyrics that really rock me. There is real poetry here. I'm very glad he included the complete text of his 6 lyrical efforts. Some of it is funny, some is thoughtful, but all of it is warm, upbeat and positive. All I can say now, is, I'm hooked. And, Jim, we need more songs!


Reviewer: Russ Tomlin
This is wisdom-imbued rock that's gritty where it should be, sweet where it should be, hum and sing-alongable, confident, distinctive lyric-wise, with the two voices (Inscore and Bonnie Hayes)really complimenting one another. I liked too being surprised at certain points during the six songs: I expected a zig but got a zag (if you've listened to the amount of music I have over the years you appreciate stuff like that). Give this CD a listen; the guy's been around the block a few times and tells about it straight up. Then give it another and see if you don't crank it up a notch.

Jim Inscore... never heard of him? ... well, Jim picked up the guitar at the age of 50 because he always wanted to write and record some great folk-rockin' tunes. Five Years later he did just that and recorded a 6track CD which was produced by no other than Bonnie Hayes. Not only did Bonnie produce, she also added some vocals and it turns out that Jim and Bonnie's vocals complement one another very well - sounds like two unruly vintage people had a lot of fun working together. Although there are only 6 songs on the CD they are worth every cent because the music and lyrics are fun, fun, fun. Amazing if you know about Jim's day job, which is to be Editor-in-Chief @ Sun Developer Network (managing java.sun.com and developer.sun.com). Just google his name you will find plenty of links regarding that job. Anyhow, when Jim Inscore starts to sing about 'Danger on the left, Danger on the right ...' ("Dangerous World") or about "Love In A Dumpster" one hardly cares about his day job. Songs like "Stop Sign" make you feel shifting the gears, speed up and give you the right kind of nervous feeling(s) ... 'foot on the gas, foot in the grave ...' Nuff said, check out Jim's new CD and hopefully he will continue to write such great tunes!!!